Chrome Extension Creator v 0.2 Progress

We have released v. 0.1 yesterday. And today we are already working on 0.2 version. There was a couple of small development tasks that we have decided to postpone for the next versions. Now we are waiting for feedback from you regarding the main feature of the next version. So, it is good time to do minor, but necessary tasks. We will try to create road map for the project. So, you will be able to see our progress.

List of completed tasks for 0.2 version:

  • Localization of the project
  • Improved behavior of Icon File Chooser dialog from Property Editor, fixed minor problems with resource copying
  • Fixed problem with semi-transparent background repainting in some cases
  • Fixed problem with background color painting in Search Box component
  • Added in-place editors for some components. Now it is possible to edit Text property of Label and Menu Item components and Image path property of Image component using mouse double click
  • Added Placeholder text and Placeholder text color properties for Search Box component
  • Added an ability to remove components using drag and drop
  • If you point your mouse over an icon path, then small popup with icon preview will appear
  • Added an ability to align images horizontally and vertically
  • Added an ability to edit border for each component
  • Added Request Focus option to Search Box component
  • Fixed a couple of other small bugs in different parts of the project



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