Extension Maker is Here!
Sunday, 25 December 2011 07:41

Its time to introduce you another tool that we have developed for the last months. It is called Extension Maker. It was built on the top of ChromeExtensionCreator. But it is not limited by the support of extensions for Google Chrome only. With the help of Extension Maker you can develop addons for Firefox, Opera and, of course, Google Chrome. Hope that you will like this new program and help us to make it even better. Join Us to discuss future of the Extension Maker!


Chrome Extension Creator v 0.4.10 is Released
Sunday, 25 December 2011 07:41

This is unplanned release of the program. At the moment we are working on the next major update that will have a number of very useful features. Also it will contain a number of usability improvements and old bug fixes.

As for this new version, we received many requests from our users to add one important feature. This feature is related to News Feed component. Now the extension will show notification when content of the feed is updated. At the moment there is no an ability to configure this feature flexibly. You can just change the message that will be displayed to a user. By default, notifier has the next settings:

  • RSS Feed will be checked every 20 seconds
  • Notification window will disappear after 5 seconds
Please, provide us some feedback about this feature. Which exactly settings do you want to configure for Notifier?

Chrome Extension Creator v 0.4.9 is Released
Sunday, 25 December 2011 07:41

We have fixed a number of small bugs and added a couple of features in this version of the program. We have added a couple of properties in MenuItem control:

  • Highlighting Icon icon that will be used when a user's mouse is over the control.
  • Highlighting Foreground foreground color that will be used when a user's mouse is over the control.
  • URL Handler allows to modify desitination URL of the menu item with the help of JavaScript function. It can be useful when you need to add URL of the current page to the destination URL as parameter.

Old Highlighting Color property was renamed to Highlighting Background. All properties related to highlighting was moved into standalone category: Highlighting Properties.

There is also one important change in this version. We are starting to support of old project formats. So, you can be sure that all your projects will work in the next versions of Chrome Extension Creator without any problems.

Chrome Extension Creator v 0.4.8 is Released
Sunday, 25 December 2011 07:41

In this time we have decided to put two releases in one. We have added two new controls for the program.

The first control called News Feed. With this control you can show any information in the extension from RSS or Atom feeds. It has a number of different settings to change appearance of the feed.

The second control called HTML Box. It can be used by advanced users who have some experience with HTML and CSS. This control allows to put any HTML code in the extension. But you should be careful with it. Your HTML code should be valid. In the other case you can break the extension. But we hope that you know what are you doing.

Chrome Extension Creator v 0.4.6 is Released
Sunday, 25 December 2011 07:41

We have decited to give our users and ability to socialize their extension and provided new component called Social Box. This component allows to provide fast access to the most popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and etc. You can customize link and tooltip of each social button and choose which exactly social sites should be visible in the box. It should be quite easy to use. Be social!


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